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Sustainable Development in Ghana’s Gold Mines: Clarifying the Stakeholder’s Perspective

Francis Xavier Tuokuu, PhD

Using semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions (FGDs), this study examined critical stakeholder’s perceptions, experiences and competence in assuring the sustainable management of Ghana’s major gold mines. The investigation was inspired by a synthesis of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the global community in September 2015; it places human resource capacity at the center of a sustainability struggle between local and international businesses. The findings of this study encompass two opposing but interesting perspectives. On the one hand, the study showed that sustainable development is understood differently by stakeholders within the gold mining sector in Ghana, which is why gold mining companies employ different approaches in their pursuit of sustainability objectives. On the other hand, the study revealed that, as mining activities are similar across different mining companies, common understanding and operation of sustainable development in the country’s gold mines is a more practical approach to sustaining mining operations. This study further revealed that to facilitate the effective implementation of sustainable development within Ghana’s gold mines and to ensure its alignment with SDGs, a regulatory framework is required and this should be developed based on the input of stakeholders.

Source: Journal of Sustainable Mining

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